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Hey there, digital explorer! You've just dropped anchor at my online space. My name’s Sreenathan Nair, but let’s keep it chill – just call me Sree. I’ve spent more than 14 years diving deep into coding, computer graphics as an artist, and all sorts of visual magic. When I’m not knee-deep in 3D scenes or fine-tuning the pipelines that drive them, you might find me getting lost in good stories through movies, photos, or a bunch of good books, always with a trusty hot drink by my side. My love affair with this world kicked off when I took my first 2D animation class. From that day, this field turned into my lyceum and my vocation.

So, welcome to my digital home; I hope you feel comfy here. It may not be cozy quite yet, but a little elbow grease and it will be packed with my thoughts and ideas. Think of this spot as my online diary, crammed with tales from my coding journeys and creative dives. My way of keeping things sorted might seem quirky, but who knows, you might just stumble upon something that sparks your interest!

And if you’re itching to say hi or chat about coding or just about anything else really, give me a shout. Stay cool, soak in the now, and remember: the internet’s an ocean, but sometimes the gems are hiding in the coves.

Sreenathan Nair

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